This morning I awake to a friend drawing my attention to a vile individual openly exposing me on Twitter and drawing all sorts of bizarre conclusions about me. I don’t think anyone could say this was not bullying. If I’m supposed to be threatened by this I can assure everyone I am not – this only reflects badly on the original poster.

It is only fair that I am able to respond to some of the points raised against me.

I have provided the screenshots below.

“It saddens me to think an ugly transvestite like this is what respresents us, as transsexuals”

Transsexualism is a psychological disorder. Like any psychological disorder it does not recognise physical appearance. The issue we need to be talking about is the level of dysphoria experienced by an individual and how we should deal with that; the physical appearance of the individual is irrelevant. It is always telling when appearance gets pulled in. Is someone “more trans” than me because they are better looking? Am I too ugly to be transsexual?

I always find it strange to be told I’m a transvestite. Society is constantly being told it’s all transgender now, yet transvestite is a term still thrown about by the modern ideology to discredit anyone it feels doesn’t belong. I am a fully diagnosed, on hormones, post surgery transsexual; the individual attacking me is not. I don’t fit modern ideology (thankfully) and therefore I must not be allowed to belong. As I have said repeatedly, I’m the wrong sort of trans.

“We do not live our lives constantly claiming we are men”

(I am ignoring the “we” reference here given the dubious transsexual status of the poster).

Modern ideology has men constantly claiming to be women but apparently that’s OK. I know that I was born a man and will die a man and I see no issue whatsoever in acknowledging who I am. I don’t want to be a man, I wish I wasn’t a man but such thoughts and feelings are irrelevant to biological reality. I’m unsure what “constantly claiming” refers to …. it’s not like I go round shouting it from the rooftops but rather I do nothing to deny it.

Transsexualism is about a mismatch between biological sex and gender identity. How can anyone be trans when they deny their biological sex?

“Validated by women”, “sympathy from women”

An amusing point; the modern ideology is built on biological men forcing women to give up their rights and safety to satisfy a need to be seen as women. I do the complete opposite and I get accused! Modern ideology daily claims to be a highly oppressed group that seeks women to sacrifice their own hard won rights because women should “sympathise” with their fellow transwomen who are also apparently women.

“Mentally ill man”

Of course I’m mentally ill! If I wasnt I wouldn’t have had my penis cut off to address a psychological disorder which failed to respond to psychological and psychiatric intervention.

The alternative view is that surgical and hormonal transition is completely normal and acceptable and people who seek to do so are making reasonable lifestyle choices. I disagree. Anyone who has experienced true gender identity issues knows the pain and distress involves and the impact it has in every aspect of life.

“You don’t see how harmful it is to people like myself”, “…living out a fantasy”

Do I hurt modern ideology? – yes I do. I acknoledge my biology., the nature of my issues and the reality of the current climate. If that hurts you then you need to ask why because from where I am standing this reflects badly on you, not me!

“…they do not pay for zero depth operation…”

I had zero depth surgery; my penis and testicles were removed but I do not have a vaginal opening. I am not motivated by sex therefore I do not need one; I acknowledge my biological sex so whether or not I have an extra hole is entirely irrelevant. I chose a surgery to alleviate my mental health symptoms with the minimal risk of complications rather than pursuing surgery to “make me a woman”. Quite how making such a choice somehow discredits me elludes me!

Yes, I went privately for surgery. Your point? I could have gone to London and had it through the NHS but with my personal circumstances as they are travelling hundreds of miles for surgery would cause undue stresses. The surgical requirements in the UK whether private or not are the same; I required the same pre operative osychological assessments and diagnoses.

“Zia put these photos themselves on the Internet”

I did an article for mental health awareness week about my transition. As you would expect with the media they didn’t get everything right but it general terms it isn’t a problem and I don’t regret the article. I discussed my long term mental health issues from trying to ignore who I was and the impact that had on me. My only annoyance was the fact they referred to me as a woman something which I tried to correct as you can see below.

The person who posted this link I have no reason to believe to be a part of this abuse although I am unsure as to why it was necessary to do so.

I hope those who support me will see these posts for what they are. As always I am always open to feedback and to any questions.

I note the timing of this abuse is 2 days after it is announced I am to be involved in the Transsexual Global Alliance. I will let you be the judge!