I get it.

You want people to vote for you.

You want people to think you have your finger on the pulse of topical issues. You want to be seen as progressive.

Let me tell you about an issue that most politicians are getting wrong. Transgender ideology.

For decades transsexualism was recognised for what it is – a rare psychological disorder that had the potential to profoundly impact a person’s quality of life. For some the way forward meant transition after an extended period of psychological and psychiatric evaluation.

In 2004 we saw the Gender Recognition Act. Controversial it may be today, but at the time it was written to support medically diagnosed transsexuals. Indeed when it was written predictions were given as to the number likely to be issued and these have been remarkably accurate. In the 15 years since inception we have seen just under 5000 – that’s less than 350 a year.

In 2010 we then saw the Equality Act. An absolutely horrendous piece of legislation for two key reasons:

  • both “sex” AND “gender reassignment” were listed as protected characteristics; they are frequently incompatible
  • “gender reassignment” required no medical intervention only a stated intention to do so in the future

In introducing such a vague law that was open to a variety of interpretations the floodgates were opened.

Transvestites declared themselves women.

Rapists declared themselves women.

Fetishists, predators, opportunists declared themselves women.

No longer were women safe in their own spaces. The immortal phrase “I identify as” became the passcode to enter into toilets and changing rooms. Feminism became centered on men.

Let me tell you the truth.

Transsexual Is Not Outdated

Ah but transsexual is outdated you’re being told. The politically correct term is “transgender”. Rubbish.

Transgender is an umbrella term that combines genetic disorders (intersex), psychological disorders (transsexual) with fetishes, lifestyle choices and dubious identities.

A drag queen is no different to an intersex person.

A cross dresser is no different to a medically diagnosed transsexual.

A feminine man is transgender. Really?

Little wonder that some are stating there are three million transgender people in the UK.

These Poor Transgender People

Some people do struggle with gender identity.

However save your sympathy if you really must for those who undergo years of medical intervention and experience mental health issues as a result.

Refer to the umbrella and ask yourself just who exactly you are supporting. Your intention may be to support the intersex person who struggled through childhood or the transsexual with mental health issues who wrestled with societal expectations attached to biological sex. What you’re actually supporting is an ideology that redefines womanhood, putting women’s rights back decades and risking women’s safety.

No-one Changes Sex

Men are men. Women are women.

I have breasts and no penis; I’m still a man. I should not be defined as a biological woman. I don’t want to be a man, I don’t like being a man but that doesn’t change the fact I am. That “transphobe” Maya Forstater is currently going through an employment tribunal but said nothing wrong.

“Sex is a spectrum” you are told. No it isn’t, it’s a binary just as it was millennia ago.

“Medical understanding has moved on….new research tells us….”. Get real. There are plenty of dubious studies that don’t stand up to peer review. I could publish a paper tomorrow that says the sky is green. Doesn’t make it true. A couple of days ago a UK charity quoted an insignificant 2013 study that stated puberty blockers are safe; must have slipped their mind that a subsequent (and much more rigorous) 2015 study showed this was not the case.

Worried About Being Called A TERF / Bigot / Transphobe?

Far too many live in fear of being labelled negatively. Question modern ideology and you’re a transphobe. Have you considered you’re actually being blackmailed? If you support transsexuals, medicalisation and improved medical support I thank you for that. If you don’t support drag queens and crossdressers that doesn’t make you a transphobe. Neither does not supporting “Dave” the 6 ft 6 lorry driver with a beard who says “I’m a woman”.

If I put forward a proposal to extend the Disability Discrimination Act to include able bodied people would you support me? Why not? So why are political parties looking to extend the Gender Recognition Act written for transsexuals to include non transsexual people? By the way we need a chat about the GRA anyway…..


Modern ideology is dangerous nonsense. Do your research and question sources. Why are we letting those with a vested interest determine government policy? Why is legitimate research being shut down? Take a step back and look at where funding comes from and who benefits.

If an organisation called “The Sugar Marketing Board” published a paper encouraging us all to eat more sugar would you fall for it?

What I Want You To Do

Dare to not be caught up in the hysteria.

Dare to call for improved psychological and psychiatric support for children.

Dare to listen to women and their genuine concerns.

Dare to call for a stop to the erasure of women’s rights and putting women at risk.

Make a difference. Show you care. I dare you.