I find myself once again on Twitter caught up with a handful of people telling me how I’m not a “proper trans”, that I’m a fetishist, a transvestite etc.. Apparently I am too “manly”, too ugly, too male sounding, too unfashionable……Of course, none of these people have ever met me in real life. I am thankful for a wonderful friend who has met me in real life and defended me admirably yesterday online.

It is not a surprise to me that I am hated by the trans community and that many would like to discredit me. You will note that for everything that is said about me there is not one scrap of evidence backing any of it up. Were I liked by the entire trans community, given the message much of it spreads, I would have failed in my mission.

I would to address a number of the points made.

Transsexual Subtypes

First and foremost the notion of AGP (autogynephilic) and HSTS (homosexual transsexual). Dr Ray Blanchard proposed these as subtypes of transsexualism. Sadly his work has been weaponised and manipulated to support other agendas. Contrary to often popular belief the purpose of the AGP label is not to prove sexual perversion.

I could easily launch into a tirade of reasons over why I do not fit the profile for AGP but to do so would suggest that I think there is something inherently wrong with being that way. AGP is an inverted sexuality that unnecessarily carries with it a huge stigma that few understand.

Imagine a person who is homosexual; that person goes out and abuses young boys, exposes themselves in bathrooms and is a vile, abusive individual. Do we blame their sexuality? Absolutely not. We call out the behaviours and we do not let their sexuality ever be used to excuse their actions. The fact they are gay is irrelevant; what matters is their behaviour.

Historically society used to attatch horrendous stereotypes to homosexuality. When homosexuality was first legalised in the UK there were many who argued that this would be the downfall of society into widespread perversion. Society has moved on thankfully to accept homosexuality, however history is now repeating itself over AGP – inverted sexuality.

Disgusting behaviours and attitudes need called out for what they are; who a person is is irrelevant. We are responsible for our actions and we can choose what we do or not do.

Stop overusing AGP

The acronym AGP is widely thrown about and is fast becoming a slur in the same way as “TERF”. It is often synonymous with “fetishist” and “pervert”.

The thing is, when you call someone an AGP you are actually validating them as transsexual. Remember, AGP is a subtype of Blanchard’s transsexualism model. If a man self identifies as a woman and enters a female space to expose themselves, the cry is often “AGP!”. In other words, you are attributing their behaviour to transsexualism.

We need to stop using AGP as a descriptor for fetishistic and paraphilic behaviours; by doing so one gives away a transsexual identity. Call out behaviours for what they are. Predator, abuser, fetishist.

Being transsexual is far, far more than a sexual fetish. It is an often debillitating issue that significantly impacts on quality of life and can require years of psychological and psychiatric intervention. There are a variety of different causes (of which inverted sexuality is one); none involve the kind of behaviours we see now labelled as “trans”.

Very few true AGP people exist. There are plenty of people who engage in cross dressing. There are plenty of people with strong fetishes. There are also manipulators, predators and opportunists.

Profiling is Dangerous

Within Blanchard’s topology he put forward typical profiles for each of his subtypes. This is useful but it is dangerous to make it definitive.

When we say “AGPs are typically older and have been married (heterosexual), this person was married therefore this person is AGP” we tread dangerous ground. Profiles are not rules and seldom black and white.

If I witnessed a car accident, what would you say if I said “Statistically more car accidents are caused by young people age 17 to 22 and similarly by women. Since one of the cars involved was driven by an 18 year old girl it was therefore her fault”. Of course it’s possible but it is by no means guaranteed.

Over the past 24 hours a few times I’ve had one person say to me “I’m HSTS and you’re nothing like me so you’re a transvestite”. Were it so simple! People are complex and come from different backgrounds and cultures.

Some people embrace who they are very early in life. For others they only come to embrace who they are relatively late after living troubled years (sometimes decades) in turmoil.

Big Assumption

Let’s not forget that the AGP and HSTS subtypes are a theory from one man. Some leading academics in the field support his work, others vehemently oppose it.

The one thing it is not though is fact.

It may be correct, it may prove not to be. It may be correct in some areas but not in others.

The Trans Vehicle

The revolting behaviours and attitudes we see nowadays towards women in the name of trans were always there. Sadly trans has given a vehicle that brings the bile under a single label that seeks to legitimise it. What we see now is not new attitudes but simply the result of a sadly successful campaign to manipulate society.

In Closing

For what its worth I’m gay. Yes, I denied it for a long time and I was married. Irrespective of anything though what matters is one simple fact; I experienced significant distress between my biological sex and my gender identity and following psychiatric and psychological intervention I pursued and attained a physical and hormonal transition. Were I AGP would it change anything – no. I know at least one person who is post op AGP and is a caring, respectable and all round nice person.

I do not need to reach a certain level of “passability”.

I do not need to reach a certain level of femininity (and being GC I have strong opinions on that!)

I do not need to pass a test on fashion.

I do not need to call myself a woman.

I do not need sympathy nor do I ask for it. The support and friendship given to me is wonderful and truly humbling. I am me. Take me as you find me. I’m biologically male, gender non conforming, mentally ill person with breasts and no penis. And right now I’m happy with life.