Let nobody tell you that modern transgender ideology isn’t a dangerous cult that is brainwashing society. We have thousands of organisations rolling over and giving into demands and academic institutions producing dubious flimsy papers on why biology is now wrong. How did we get to this point?

If we go back 30 or 40 years ago we had a very clear distinction between transsexualism and tranvestitism. Those who were transsexual were a medicalised group who struggled with with the rare psychological condition of transsexualism. Transsexual wasn’t an identity – it was a diagnosis. For those who were transvestite it was recognised this was a fairly common fetish almost exclusively done behind closed doors or, if not, in a covert way. Fast forward to today and we don’t have transvestites any more – they are now under the transgender umbrella. Transvestities were able to successfully legitimise themselves by coopting transsexualism (a psychological condition) and intersex (a genetic condition) and what was a fetish has fast become an identity that brands those who exhibit it as “stunning and brave”.

If someone wants to dress a certain way because it sexually excites them then I have no major problem with that as a private practice. Clothing and makeup do not define biological sex; quite the opposite in fact when both are used to compel women into sexist stereotypes. Clothing and makeup should be about expression but instead have all too often targeted societal expectations to look a certain way and hide every little imperfection. Presentation doesn’t define biology. I am a man because I was born with a penis; I do not become a woman through adopting female gender stereotypes.

The problem, of course, arises with the belief that adopting certain stereotypical behaviours should prompt society to treat me as if I had changed sex. All too often I have seen far too many closet transvestites become “transwomen” who flaunt their apparent womanhood for all to see, relying on bullying and intimidation to force society to indulge their fetish.

At best my presentation tells you I am a man who likes makeup, clothing marketed as being for women and carrying a handbag.

The mantra of modern transgenderism is “transwomen are women”. Anyone who dares challenge this faces the wrath of the trans community and to be labelled as a “TERF”.

Well, sorry to disappoint but I absolutely disagree! I reject modern transgenderism. I reject the idea of anyone changing sex. As a result dozens have contacted me to tell me that I am not really trans and must stop calling myself trans immediately! Graciously some have given me permission to call myself gender non conforming – how kind!

I’d like to make 3 observations.

The Trans Rulebook is Nonsense

Week by week we see an ever increasing set of rules over what it means to be trans and the trans community embrace these.

When it comes down to it, being trans is very, very simple. Being trans is about a mismatch between gender identity and biological sex. Thats it. I’m not saying I agree by the way on that but that’s it. You can put all sorts of spin on it but it comes down to those 6 words…. BIOLOGICAL SEX AND GENDER IDENTITY MISMATCH. I could speak at length on this but if you refer to my other blog posts I have already written quite extensively on thjs topic. Biological sex should not determine gender roles and stereotypes however right now it does. As a transsexual that mismatch was severe enough to be a medical issue which prompted medical transition due to rejection of my natal biology.

Anything outside of that definition is nonsense.

I do not need to go around claiming to have changed sex.

I am not required to use female spaces.

I do not need to endorse so called scientific bunk that says I was born a woman with a penis. Of course I wish I was born a woman but it takes a special kind of entitlement to rewrite biology.

Trans Was Never About Sex

Yesterday I was told that I wasn’t trans by a former online friend because I don’t talk about sex enough!

Last year I spoke to a trans person online who described discovering they were transgender because they cried watching lesbian porn. Wow.

Being trans(sexual) is never about sex and should never be about sex.

Unfortunately modern ideology has turned it into a sexual orientation.

Think about this; if someone has Gender Dysphoria / Dysmorphia about their biological sex the last thing they want to do is flaunt their body or talk about sex. If you claim to be so dysphoric that you seek surgery to remove the penis how can you openly discuss having sex, masturbation or voyeurism? Someone who is genuine struggles to even look at their penis themselves, never mind even thinking about exposing themselves to others.

If someone focuses being trans on sex and sexuality, red warning flags should start to wave.

Why Is “Passing” So Important?

Apparently it should be the goal of every trans person to pass. Anyone who doesn’t have that goal isn’t genuine.

Excuse me?

The goal should be to alleviate the symptoms of Gender Dysphoria not be the most convincing at fooling people.

I heard a few weeks ago that there was a proposal made that a Gender Recognition Certificate should make passibility a requirement. So that would mean womanhood is given away as first prize to the person with the best woman costume? What a ridiculous idea. ALL transwomen are biologically men no matter how convincing or not they look.

When you know your biological sex then why is passing such an issue?


I am transsexual because my distress over my biological sex had a significant impact on my mental health and I feel much more comfortable with the gender stereotypes of women. I’m still a biological man. It’s that simple.

I don’t need to be seen as a woman.

I cannot ever understand what it felt like to grow up in a patriarchical society.

I will never understand pregnancy or period pains.

I will never understand being oppressed for my biology.

At best, I am a transwoman. A term I don’t much care for but as someone said recently a transwoman is no more a woman than a seahorse is a horse!