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Everywhere I look the cry of “TERF!” is shutting down conversations. There can be few more effective tools to shut down discussion than the accusation of “TERF”.

Historically the name “TERF”, Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist, was coined by the feminist movement as a statement of belief; that transwomen are biological men and as such do not fall within the protection of feminism. Now it has become an insult and a weapon.

Associated with “TERF” is also an unacceptable level of threat, with sentiments such as labelling a baseball bat “The TERF buster”, calls for “go punch a TERF” and much more.

I have many friends who are supposedly “TERF”s; indeed every week I visit a great personal trainer who is on a “TERF” blocklist on Twitter herself,  yet I find her a completely sane and normal woman and I greatly enjoy our training together. This is a person who clearly wishes no harm on trans people (despite making me do a third set of squats holding a weight!) yet has been deplatformed in places and denied a valid and insightful opinion. Why?

I’d like to discuss 5 important points with you.

“TERF”s are not discriminating, nor are they transphobes.

Perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions amongst the general public is that a “TERF” is someone who discriminates against trans people, that being a “TERF” is inseparable from being transphobic. These poor marginalised trans people are being denied their very existence by these big old nasty “TERF”s; many have sought to make direct comparisons with racism and disability discrimination, and as a result well meaning people are being manipulated into opposing “TERF” principles.  Of course the argument is fundamentally flawed; discriminating against someone who IS black or who IS disabled is a far cry from someone who CLAIMS to be black when they are not or CLAIMS to be disabled when they are not. Asking to maintain your current rights rather than have them removed to give another arbitrary group new rights is not discrimination or “phobic”.

Let’s imagine you arrive home to find a burglar has invaded your property. Here is a person who is taking what you have worked hard to acquire; you have something and they want it and they aren’t prepared to do what it takes to earn the money to buy the things themselves. Society, rightly so, condemns such disgusting behaviour and we put people in prison for it. Were you to be faced with such a situation I am confident you would call the Police; you would certainly not offer the burglar a cup of tea and offer to help them carry their spoils! Nor would you expect to be condemned for not helping someone actively remove something that is yours!

Now, why is this any different from modern trans ideology? The Trans Right Activists are stealing the very definition of “woman”, their existing right to have safe spaces, their existing right to compete fairly in sports, their existing right to be recognised in business as a woman and so many more. But instead of society calling out this theft the thief has become the victim. Why should women stand by and see hard fought for rights taken away and their very identity eroded?

A “TERF” is someone who stands up and says “Stop taking what is mine”. A “TERF” is a hero.

A true transphobe is a rare thing and I have encountered probably two. A transphobe is someone who hates trans people for who they are, NOT for what they do.

How many parents have been in a situations where their child is stopped from doing something and is met with the cry “I hate you”? The parent has called out their child for their actions, not because they hate them, and is met with a temper tantrum, a knee jerk verbal attack.

THIS is modern trans activist behaviour….

“I want to be call myself woman and go into women’s spaces”
“I’m sorry, but you aren’t a woman”
*STAMP* *STAMP* “I hate you you big smelly poo poo head TERF”

Never be told that standing against the erasure of women’s rights and safety is discrimination or transphobic. Don’t be blackmailed into indulging a temper tantrum.

“TERF” is a slur

Whilst the original use of the term originated within feminism it has evolved far beyond that into a derogatory term to mean a vile selfish person who discriminates against this marginalised community. It has become an unassailable accusation for the activist with a massive victim complex. It is, of course, perfectly acceptable to have a word that defines certain unacceptable behaviours at the level of racism, for example, but “TERF” is not it.

Unfortunately that is not what being a “TERF” means. A “TERF” is someone who stands up and says, quite rightly, that feminism is a movement based on biological sex and not gender identity. A “TERF” recognises that women are oppressed, marginalised, abused, raped for their sex, not their gender identity and stands for the rights of that biological sex.

It doesn’t mean they hate trans people. It doesn’t mean they deny trans people a right to live as they choose. It is not a synonym for transphobe.

Trans rights do not trump women’s rights. Why are women expected to give up their rights? Why is refusing to sacrifice your rights a bad thing? The victims here are not the trans activists but the women. What does it say about those who expect women to sacrifice their rights and say nothing?

Every feminist should be a “TERF”!

Yes, you read that correctly!

As I said above women face abuse and discrimination for their biological sex not for their gender identity. If someone doesn’t recognise that then I fail to see how they can be a feminist. Feminism centres women – biological women. That is far from discriminatory.

Many claim that trans rights is about equality. In truth what trans rights does is remove equality for women by making the very platform that fights for it (feminism) include biological men.

Many people don’t realise but there is such a thing as masculinism. Feminism fundamentally protects biological woman against inequality, masculinism support biological men and men’s rights ideals. Of course there is a reason why most people have never heard of masculinism; our entire society is fundamentally built around the patriarchy and therefore a movement does not need to really exist for something that is already deeply ingrained in society.

“TERF” is a dehumanising tool

The ridiculousness of the modern ideology is very apparent and rarely, if ever, stands up to scrutiny. When faced with situations like this the TRA retaliatory tools are threats and intimidation and dehumanisation.

In legal circles we often hear talk of “credible witnesses”. In other words, is this someone the court should listen to? If we had, for example, a witness who was accusing a black person of a crime but was known to be a racist, would that not impact their credibility? Irrespective of the fact they may be telling the truth the fact remains doubt is cast over that person’s character.

This is what “TERF” does. “TERF” is an attempt to cast doubt on the credibility of women.
“Don’t listen to her, she’s just a TERF”
“How can you trust her, she associates with TERF’s”

More often than not when an allegation of “TERF” is made, it is done so to deplatform an important voice. It is the 3 year old child who sticks their fingers in their ears because they don’t want to listen.

NOT being a TERF is more transphobic than being one!

Genuine gender identity issues do exist. Gender Identity Disorder / Gender Dysphoria are real (albeit over used and manipulated). There are those of us who know we are biological men and who seek nothing more than a quiet life, rejecting traditional gender roles and stereotypes, and coping with Gender Dysphoria as best we can. We pursue psychological and psychiatric support, we see specialists and we pursue a path that is measured in years, not weeks.

Self id is ridiculous. Affirming gender services is ridiculous.

When someone is allowed to co-opt the identity of a transsexual person it erases the meaning of transsexualism and Gender Dysphoria.

The word “woman” is not up for negotiation. Neither is the word “lesbian”. Nor is the word “transsexual”.

Imagine you were involved in a severe car accident at 70 miles per hour. Broken back, broken neck, 6 broken ribs, internal bleeding, 3 months in hospital. Now, suppose someone said to you “Hey, I was once in a car accident too! I once bumped into a shopping trolley leaving a car park”. Does that person understand your path of recovery? Your pain? Your daily struggles? Or are they making a mockery of your situation?

What if the insurance industry turned round and said “You were both in vehicles involved in an impact – you are both entitled to the exact same amount of compensation”. Would that be acceptable, or would you be angry that someone with clearly no idea of what it means to have dealt with what you had, is conflating themselves with you?

This is how I feel. I trod a difficult path and continue to do so. I am not asking for sympathy; what I ask is please, don’t support “transgender” as this ridiculous umbrella term.

Reclaim “TERF”! Wear it as a badge of honour.

Don’t be manipulated. Don’t be bullied. Don’t be emotionally blackmailed. Stand up with confidence in what is right and be heard.

Be proud to stand alongside women and say NO to the the modern ideology. Support men in redefining “man” to include trans people, not in redefining “woman” to include men.