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Before I begin, I would like to strongly recommend Miranda Yardley’s article that was posted last December; Jonathan Yaniv is a Predator.

In the six or so months since Miranda’s article, Yaniv has become increasingly infamous for their antics. For those who may not be familiar, Yaniv is a trans identifying male known for some extremely disturbing and predatory behaviours (with some racism thrown in for good measure!). Most recently though they gained notoriety for taking a number of waxing salons to a Human Rights Tribunal in British Columbia for refusing to provide a female only waxing service to a biological male who declared themselves female.

Strangely enough despite Yaniv’s quite vocal assertion about being uncomfortable around immigrant women, by a remarkable twist these seem to have been precisely those that were sought out when looking for a waxing service. When a service was refused, Yaniv engaged in bullying and intimidation culminating in the human rights hearings we have going on right now.

I need say no more than these two screenshots. The first, compared to some, is quite mild by comparison.

On the back of the current legal proceedings I have come across a number of comments online that I would like to address and give a transsexual perspective.


“Yaniv isn’t really trans, they are just saying that!”

It is hardly surprising the the transgender community are seeking to disassociate themselves from Yaniv. However, when it comes to determining if Yaniv is trans or not, that cannot be in doubt. Yaniv is trans.

Personally, I don’t believe Yaniv has ever experienced gender dysphoria; nor do I believe the stories they have presented about their childhood experiences “as a girl”. These though are absolutely irrelevant in the modern ideology of self id.. Yaniv is trans because they say they are. Simple. They do not need a medical diagnosis or to have met a certain threshold, they simply have to have declared themselves as such.

I believe it is Stonewall who have coined the phrase “Acceptance without Exception”. It seems that now many look to append that phrase with “….apart from Yaniv”.

The simple fact of the matter is that if you are going to create an entirely self identified group of people and then give them sweeping and unassailable rights, there is no comeback if you don’t like the actions and/or the members of that group. THIS is what self id. means in practice.

“Yaniv is just one bad example, it’s not fair to punish all trans people for their actions.”

Whether there are a million “bad examples” or just a few, that is entirely irrelevant to the issue.

Yaniv proves that allowing biological men into women’s spaces can mean letting fetishists, predators and paedophiles into women’s spaces. I’m not saying that all trans people fall into these groups, what I’m saying is that people in these groups gain opportunity by identifying as trans. It is wholly impossible to say the “good trans” can enter but not the “bad trans”. It doesn’t matter if even 99.99% of trans identifying are “good trans”, the fact remains there will always be those who aren’t and there can be no justification for opening a door and letting them in.

Why don’t you leave your car outside a shop with the engine running and no-one inside while you pop in for milk? Could it be perhaps because it would be foolish to provide such an easy opportunity?   Why do you lock your car at night? After all, the majority of people are honest and would never dream of stealing a car.  Could it be that what you are doing is taking basic precautions because you recognise that whilst most people are indeed honest, some aren’t?

Preventing biological men from entering women’s spaces is not about “punishment”, nor is it transphobia. It is simply taking reasonable precautions that we do in every other aspect of our lives.

“Yaniv is mentally ill though!”

Whilst I believe that Yaniv does show significant signs of having a personality disorder (especially Narcissistic Personality Disorder) and perhaps even mental illness, this argument often seems to assume that a person can’t be both mentally ill AND trans!

“Yaniv is a woman though, they are entitled to the same service as other women!”

This argument is the most disturbing of all because in one regard it has an element of truth – under Canadian Law Yaniv does has a Birth certificate that says female and that, on paper, makes them no different to a natal woman. Now is not the opportunity to explore such legal works of fiction but suffice to say I condemn in the strongest terms any notion that human beings can change sex as utter nonsense.

Irrespective of what a birth certificate says though, a waxing service is not about gender identity but about biological sex. In the same way a cervical smear test is for biological women and a prostate examination is for biological men no matter how they choose to identify.

A vulva is not a scrotum. There are significant differences in the thickness of the skin and as such a training for hair removal on one does not qualify a person to provide services to the other.

I am confident that if Yaniv were to attend a doctor with testicular pain, they would not be terribly happy if their doctor was a Gynaecologist; I would think it only right to expect the person examining you is experienced in what your needs are. The expectation would of course be that the doctor treats based on biology and not identity.

“It doesn’t matter about Yaniv, this is about transphobia.”

I have lost count of the number of times I hear cries of transphobia every time a trans person doesn’t get their own way. Human rights state that Yaniv has a right to not be discriminated against but hold on…..
What about the rights of these women to not have to compromise their religious beliefs? What about the rights of these women to protect themselves by saying no if they feel uncomfortable with a potential client?
What about the right to not have to be forced to touch someone else’s genitals?
What about the right to just say “no” sometimes?

I am fed up that trans rights are seen as a trump card in every situation. Trans rights don’t overrule women’s rights and/or religious freedoms. When they do it becomes not about exercising rights but about bullying. How else would you describe a mentality that says “My rights are more important than yours, I demand my rights now!”.

When you centre this case on transphobia you are allowing trans rights preference over everything else. You are dehumanising the service providers (some of who have lost their livelihood) and ignoring what is happening to them.


Whilst I’m sure most of us absolutely condemn Yaniv’s deplorable behaviour, we need to also speak out against a system that in effect risks handing car keys to a drunk driver. We must do what we can to stop it happening elsewhere.