Over recently weeks I find myself increasingly attacked for calling myself a male transsexual.

“But you’re trans – that makes you a woman”

“If you don’t call yourself a woman it must be self hatred”

“You’re a woman – language changes over time”

Last Saturday night on Twitter I was accused of being a feminist woman pretending to be trans to apparently “dehumanise trans people”! It just doesn’t suit people for me to be real.

Human beings cannot change sex. That is not to say human beings cannot change the gender roles and stereotypes associated with their sex (as indeed we should) but the fact remains that sex is immutable. Despite all the philosophical debating over what it means to be a woman, it comes down to, in biological terms, the presence of XX chromosomes. Every cell in the female body says female. Scientists could look at a drop of blood, a strand of hair and still know that it came from someone female.

The fact that I can accept this reality doesn’t make me any less of a transsexual (quite the opposite). It doesn’t mean I want to be male. It doesn’t mean I like being male. But on a basic biological level I cannot deny that. What does it serve to ignore my biology? Indeed I am at a loss as to what would be gained were I to call myself a woman.

I have noted something very interesting. ….

Many “transgender” people take the view that “some women have penises” and argue that biological sex does not define male or female.  If we accept this position then their own argument falls apart. Here’s why…

What does it mean to be transgender ?


So hold on a minute… “does not correspond to their birth sex”? How can that be if you believe that some women can have penises and therefore your birth sex is apparently that of a woman? You were born with a penis, you believe that women can have a penis and your identity is as a woman. There is no mismatch and by definition you cannot be transgender!

That means any male transgender person who tells you they have always been a woman cannot, by definition be transgender! So if they aren’t a woman and aren’t transgender what exactly are these people….

Transsexual has a similar definition. Not that I agree, but the new modern watered down definition of Gender Dysphoria is “a condition where a person experiences discomfort or distress because there’s a mismatch between their biological sex and gender identity.” (from the NHS website).  Once again how can you have Gender Dysphoria if you believe some women can have penises? It just doesn’t work.

The whole modern ideology doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. From one week to the next the terminology and agenda changes, getting ever more ridiculous as more and more converts are buying into the new philosophy. In rewriting biology to allow women to have penises you are invalidating the very essence of what you are arguing for – being transgender!

The fact that I am transsexual is because of my biological sex. It is precisely in knowing that I am a man and the expectations of gender roles and stereotypes that have led to Gender Dysphoria and the need for medical intervention.

These changes in terminology are not surprising. There is only so far you can push something before you hit the limits of what you can claim. After that, redefining terminology is an inevitable consequence.

A woman is an adult human female.

A lesbian is an adult human female exclusively attracted to adult human females.

A transsexual is someone with Gender Dysphoria who experiences distress between their actual biological sex and the way society expects that person to express that biological sex.

We cannot continue to let language be rewritten. Words are vital. It is in exposing these flaws in logic that we expose those promoting the modern narrative.