Dear Stonewall,

I have serious concerns about a large organisation and their extremely transphobic behaviour that no-one is doing anything about. This organisation is also manipulating people into believing a twisted narrative and have time and time again proven themselves to be bullies. Since you are so active in eradicating transphobia perhaps you could get involved ? The name of the organisation ? It’s STONEWALL.

Let me start by saying I reject wholeheartedly your representation of me under the ridiculous transgender umbrella. You have made a mockery of the genuine struggles of transsexuals, turning them into some sick game.

Whatever possessed you to think you had the knowledge and expertise to represent a complex psychological illness ? Of course clearly you don’t have that expertise because the first thing you did was stop it being considered an illness. Thanks. You talk about erasure and rights… what about my right to have my GD recognised and treated ?

Gender Dysphoria has had a huge impact on my life. It has led to multiple psychiatric hospitalisations and significant mental health issues. I pursued professional help and made a lot of poor decisions out of desperation along the way which damaged my body. Eventually though I transitioned as a last resort. It wasn’t that I believed I was a woman or could be. Simply it was about a way forward for dysphoria and trying to get my life back.

One of the happiest days of my life was starting testosterone blockers. You have made this new “transgenderism” all about sex but truth is the complete opposite. These lady penises you talk about that women and girls are being exposed to ? Some of us won’t even look at ourselves in the mirror let alone show our naked body to others. Some of us spent years planning ways of penis removal thinking “if I do it quickly in a hospital car park then run in…..”. You have sexualised something that isnt about sex. If a person with GD were to be found in an opposite sex changing room I am confident it would be in a closed cubicle behind a very locked door. But hey, according to you I’m no different to that bloke next door who gets a kick from wearing his wifes knickers on a Friday night.

Why won’t you see that you have fundamentally turned “trans” into a game ? A dangerous game where men declare themselves women and see how far that agenda can be pushed. Why is this acceptable in any civilised society ? You have used your money and influence to twist human biology that frankly it scares me to think about what our children now believe. You could have them believing grass was blue. Yet still you continue to push this modern agenda into ever growing ridicule.

Women are angry. And guess what ? They are right to be angry. Women’s spaces are being eroded, hard won rights diluted and language is being rewritten. These woman, sorry cisgendered cervix havers I’m sure you would prefer, have had enough. But do you sit down and listen ? No. You label them as TERFs, ignore them and plough on regardless.  It is inexcusable how last week you excluded TransgenderTrend from one of your events. I’ve read their material and if you stopped for one second to actually look at what they are about you might just learn something.

Heres my take. The law, rightly or wrongly, in the late 1980’s started to recognise transsexual people and the legitimate issues over marriage for example. Transsexuality was very well defined so not much of an issue though. But the paraphilics and the narcissists and the misogynists took one look and thought “we want a piece of that”…. and so slowly we saw medical requirements removed in favour of the self declared “propose to undergo”. You saw what seemed to be an opportunity for men to be declared women and you went for it. Like a steam train nothing and no-one was going to block you.

You say you support people in how they identify. Well thats not true is it ? You see I know what I am….a man. A MAN who was born a man and will die a man. I may not present stereotypically male or conform to male gender roles but you see these darn chromosomes still say XY. Every single cell of my body says “man”. Hating myself for being a man and desperately wishing I wasn’t doesn’t change anything. So why have I been accused of hate speech to a group that supposedly represents me ?

If you genuinely want to achieve something meaningful let me help you…

  1. Stop teaching people, especially children, that people can change sex.
  2. Start telling people that your sex doesnt need to determine who you can be in life. Tackle instead damaging gender roles and stereotypes.
  3. Start listening to women. You have an uphill struggle to convince women you dont only care about men. Talk to the Lesbian community in particular for the damage you have done to them and continue to do on a daily basis.
  4. Stop legitimising paraphilic behaviour and thinking that should get you special treatment (or worse overrule the established rights of others).

Please, please stop and think about what you are doing. I beg of you.

Gender dysphoria is not a fetish. It’s not a sexual orientation. Its a debilittating psychological illness requiring complex multi disciplinary intervention.

Stop pandering to fetishists and misogynists.