For a number of years now we have heard the transgender cry that human beings can change sex; that men can become women. We have even reached the stage where to say otherwise is deemed to be hate speech that has resulted in legal action and criminal prosecutions.

Let me put this simply. A rejection of gender roles and stereotypes is not a change of sex. You do not change sex because as a man your favourite colour is pink, you love makeup, you wear dresses and you carry a handbag. You do not change sex because as a man you enjoy sewing, netball and “chick flicks”.

From the moment we are born our whole lives are governed by gender stereotypes. Even before birth parents are inevitably asked “is it a boy or a girl”, with the asker typically contemplating whether pink or blue gifts for the new arrival. At pre-school the dolls are for the girls, the construction toys are for the boys. And so it continues throughout lives.  Whilst some gender stereotypes may be harmless, others are downright dangerous. Women are sexual objects. Men are the dominant overlords. Women are inferior. Women are worth less.

These stereotypes tell us our whole lives how we are expected to behave, what we should think and what is and is not apparently acceptable for our sex.

Women have made tremendous progress towards breaking free of many of the constraints of yesteryear. Women are no longer expected to stay at home. Women are able to vote. Women have separate toilets. In breaking free of these constraints women have been able to make inroads towards equality and in doing so empower further generations of women with advantages the previous generation didn’t have.

A hundred years ago when Emmeline Pankhurst protested for votes for women her sole aim was equality for her sex. Was Emmeline Pankhurst transgender for rejecting a gender stereotype that said only men are competent to vote? Of course she wasn’t; she was fighting as a woman and for women. Despite this progress women still remain an often oppressed class in a patriarchal society and incredibly these rights are still challenged. Laws may have changed but attitudes haven’t.

Compare this to today. At every turn we are being told any rejection of a gender stereotype is transgender.  Are men so threatened by the idea that other men who reject male stereotypes must now be called women ?

Here’s a radical idea. All the time, the money, the energy, the anger that has been directed towards pushing women out the way to allow “women with penises” needs to be redirected into reeducating men away from the harmful stereotypes. Maybe then we can start to have a society where attitudes not just laws can change.

Men wearing make up and dresses, carrying handbags and engaging in activities typically deemed to be “for women” shouldn’t prompt a redefinition of woman but rather a redefinition of man.  Stereotypes do not define your sex; biology does.

I have spoken in my previous postings about my own struggles as transsexual. I reject stereotypes and gender roles vehemently. Because of Gender Dysphoria I reject my own body.  But I am not a woman. I never will be a woman. Thats the pure unadulterated non-transphobic truth!

Transsexualism is a potentially severe psychological illness.
Transgenderism is a rejection of gender roles and stereotypes.

Neither cause a change of sex. Why? Human beings can’t change sex.