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Before my transition I was, to the outside world, an average heterosexual normal bloke. I lived my life as best I could and like pretty much every man does I dismissed the idea of male entitlement and male privilege. Despite having gender issues since age 5 and knowing fully I was transsexual at age 12, I grew up in an environment where “men were men” and “women were women”. I stuck to the gender stereotypes that society expected, ignored my gender dysphoria and disregarded the consequences.

Eventually I transitioned.

I don’t claim to a be a woman. I was born male and I will die male – humans can’t change sex! Whilst I am transsexual I cannot deny biology no matter how much I detest the fact.

I also do not claim to have experienced anywhere near the same level of issues as women but I feel that the small fraction of what I have seen qualifies me to comment on this issue. Just the small part I have experienced has been utterly mind-blowing.

For so many years I’ve heard the terms “male privilege” and “male entitlement” flying around. Despite the advances in women’s rights, society remains a very patriarchal place that favours the man. Anyone that says otherwise is kidding themselves. One need only look at the way this modern transgender ideology seeks to erase women’s hard earned rights to see that men are pulling the strings. This modern agenda is dangerous manipulative nonsense that bears no resemblance to what it means to be transsexual.

Were you to suggest to most men the idea that they may have male entitlement or benefit from male privilege, the response is pretty much always one of immediate defensiveness and complete denial. That’s sad to see. No-one is saying that makes someone a bad person nor is it an insult.

We can change the laws to promote equality but in truth the only way to truly change society is for men to accept that laws or not women are not treated equally. We don’t need laws to change we need attitudes to change.

So what are the things I have experienced personally you may ask ?

To reiterate – I do not claim to be a woman; however I am no longer perceived as “one of the boys”.

Well here’s just 5 things that I’ve experienced….

  • I get interrupted by men when I am talking far more. Is this just me ? No this is common place and studies have proven it (
  • Suddenly men feel the need to explain things to me far more than they ever used to. Mansplaining really is a thing!
  • Who would have thought that my HRT made me invisible! Amazing! That’s how it feels at least when men expect me to be the one to jump out their way. Turns out this is known as manslamming (
  • I have the right to choose what I do with my body. I am free to choose sexual partners for myself. Weekly however I am inundated with demands for my body and aggression when I say no. I do not exist for the pleasure of men.
  • Ever since I started on HRT it has been blamed for so many things on an almost daily basis. I don’t know what it is but “that will be your hormones” has become a standard response. Men get angry, sad, irate, restless etc……women get told they are hormonal.  Newsflash – women have emotions too and it isn’t a hormonal issue.

When I went online to research the subject further I was finding dozens and dozens of other examples that were far more shocking than my experiences. This problem needs to stop being trivialised and everyone – male, female, trans, whatever have to actively start doing something about this.

The question that invariably gets asked is “How can I fix something that I cant see?”. The answer to that as far as I am concerned is simple. Believe women. Women are the experts on this. I’d like to think I get it a little bit more that most men but women have experienced this their whole lives. My experiences are a mere drop in the ocean.

Perhaps though the ultimate irony is with the modern transgender ideology. The same men who claim to be women are the worst examples of male entitlement you will find. What is “I am a woman because I tell you I am” if its not male entitlement ? What about “I define myself as a woman therefore I am entitled to invade any woman’s space I choose” ?



It is absolutely not my intention to be patronising with this post and I profusely apologise if people see if that way.  My experiences are quite unique and I feel it helpful to share them with people via my blog. They are though simply my own thoughts.