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Theft is a crime. Few would disagree with that statement. Helping someone commit theft is also a crime.

So why do we have situation now where so many in positions of authority are endorsing theft on a daily basis and its being called “progress”.

I am one of the victims of that crime and I continue to be a victim of theft on a daily basis.

I refer to the transsexual identity.

Gender Dysphoria is a potentially very serious and debilitating psychological condition and I’ve had it since I was 5 years old. I didn’t choose it, I don’t like it and I don’t want it. I’ve been sectioned 5 times and had 2 mental breakdowns. I’ve had a psychiatrist for my entire adult life. I transitioned with medical and psychological support as a way out of crippling anxiety and depression when all other avenues of medication and psychotherapy failed.

I know I’m not a woman. I know I can’t change sex.

Recent years have seen the advent of “transgender”. A completely meaningless term that serves no purpose other than to try and legitimise male dominance, sexism, dismantling of women’s rights, fetishism and perversions by stealing the identities of those with genuine physical / psychological conditions i.e. gender dysphoria and intersex conditions. It revolts me more than I can say that having experienced what gender dysphoria has done to my life that someone can come along and say “I’m transgender just like you” because once a month they put on their wife’s knickers during sex. I saw a statement last week that said it feels like every man who ever borrowed their wife’s dressing gown to put the cat out is now “transgender”… I don’t disagree.

One of the things that deeply troubles me is the use of suicide stats to justify self identified individuals getting their own way. I have attempted suicide in the past as a result of Gender Dysphoria and I know others who have done so too. These stats though are transsexual stats not transgender stats. What we are seeing though is Johnny the fetishist declare himself “transgender” and then argues he has to get his own way because 41% of trans people attempt suicide. That is emotional blackmail and blatant manipulation of facts.

“Why don’t the transsexual people object ?” you may ask. If it were a small number of people claiming a transsexual identity there wouldn’t be a problem but so many have come along that its now the majority. When the Gender Recognition Act came out in 2004 it was estimated that around 400 people a year would be issued Gender Recognition Certificates (that being transsexual people medically diagnosed) and that has proven to be accurate. How do you match that figure to the fact that some groups now claim there are 2 MILLION people in the UK who are “transgender”.

About two months ago I was told by a self identified fetishist that I had no right to call myself trans because I didn’t believe trans women are women….. I’m the one medically diagnosed and on lifetime hormone medication but I’m no longer valid because I won’t endorse the delusions. Wow!

The noise in society is not coming from transsexual people. We do not support self ID. We do not seek to claim womanhood.

I am not against anyone’s rights to gender expression and sexual identity. We should all be able to live our lives genuinely and free from harassment. The line must be drawn though where an identity is being given “trump card” status to be able to dismantle rights and freedoms hard earned by women over many decades.

On behalf of the sane transsexual people who just want to get on with their lives and cope the best they can I apologise to all women for what everything that is going on. Keep fighting against self ID, against medicalisation of children and against the patriarchy but please remember that true transsexuals still exist.